Over 30 million invested by investors

Over 40 million paid back

Over 50 million worth of real estate sold

In the last 4 years

We Know Real Estate

At Mavrix, we see the benefit of harnessing global trends. We don’t just go with the flow – we guide the flow.

By forging vital destinations for humanity’s urban direction, Mavrix has earned the depth of experience necessary to generate phenomenal growth in traditionally competitive environments.

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Our Process

A cultivated design perspective isn’t about appealing to vanity, it’s about adding value. All metrics being equal, aesthetically stunning properties will always outperform their equally well positioned, yet unexceptional counterparts.

Mavrix doesn’t engage in visually exquisite ventures out of conceit; instead we identify design forward projects in a relentless effort to maximize returns.

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NYC Becomes Most Populous City in the World in 1950.



Our Philosophy

Humans were born with legs, not roots. The global industrialization of agriculture has liberated the once tethered-to-the-farm individual, allowing the pursuit of expanded economic options.

Dynamic economies are emerging at break neck speed, and are clearly concentrated in regional metropolitan hubs. The process of urbanization has contributed directly to the rapid collection and generation of wealth.

This is where Mavrix focuses its attention and depth of knowledge. Let us help you harness the power of urbanization.

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